Rebuilt Rainbow SE PN2 Vacuum Cleaner Loaded and 5 Year Warranty Review

4.4 out of 5
24 Dec 2017
Rebuilt Rainbow SE PN2 Vacuum Cleaner Loaded and 5 Year Warranty
rebuilt rainbow se pn2 vacuum cleaner loaded and 5 year warranty
4.4 out of 5
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If what you need is a highly rated canister vacuum, the Rebuilt Rainbow SE PN2 Vacuum Cleaner Loaded and 5 Year Warranty is absolutely worth taking a look at. We've done an analysis on this product to help you determine if it's worth buying. Check out the data below, and also be sure to take a look at the customer reviews too, as these reviews are usually the best method to figure out if this product is worth purchasing!


This product is amongst the most popular canister vacuums. Our data shows that it's more popular than the majority of canister vacuums in the same category within our database. By checking the user reviews, you can get a great set of opinions on the item before buying.

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rebuilt rainbow se pn2 vacuum cleaner loaded and 5 year warranty

electrolux ultraflex canister vacuum corded

electrolux ultraone signet canister vacuum el7083asg

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4.4 out of 5
4.2 out of 5
3.6 out of 5
  • SE PN2 Rainbow Vacuum loaded with tools pictured, 5 year warranty, 30 day money back, and in like new condition. Comes with almost all brand new parts like brand new aftermarket power nozzle, hoses, wands, tools, water bowl, brushroll and more.
  • Tools include floor tool, squeegee tool, 2 plastic extension wands, 2 metal extension wands, duster brush, crevice tool, and upholstery tool. Also 2 fragrance bottles & hand sprayer.
  • Rainbow vacuums are made in the USA and are rated #1 by Consumer Reports for the most dependable canister vacuum. Since they use water to filter with you can use them to mop, shampoo, and vacuum wet spills. Bagless - never have to buy bags or filters.
  • Even though it did not need it besides replacing any worn parts we also give it a brand new water bowl, brushroll, belt, gaskets, bearings and more! You can expect this vacuum to be in like new condition. These sell new for over 2500 so save $ today.
  • 5 Year Warranty on both motors, all bearings and fans - Even though this vacuum was in great condition and ran perfect so it can qualify for our 5 year warranty we proffesionally rebuilt and clean it to like new condition.
  • Designed for superior performance on super plush carpets
  • On/off brush roll switch and 3-level height adjustment to clean all floor surfaces from bare floors to plush carpets-one product is all you need
  • Brush roll clean technology provides patented self-cleaning brush roll removes tangles from the brush roll with the touch of a button
  • Large rear wheels and a low center of gravity provide smooth swivel steering to Twist and turn around furniture with ease
  • Adjustable suction power allows you to reduce suction power to safely clean delicate curtains and fabric
  • Deep Cleaning on Carpeting
  • Tools Store Conveniently on Handle
  • Suction Control Rotary Dial
  • Motorized Power Head with Height Adjustment
  • Quick Release Handle
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This is a completely rebuilt Rainbow with tons of new parts. These were made in 1998, so this is as new as you can buy them. Almost new SE PN2 Rainbow vacuum. The canister has been totally rebuilt and comes with our 5 year motor warranty. It has been upgraded to the best standard power nozzle... show full review


Rainbow is quite a well known maker of canister vacuums. Our average rating for this brand is 3.8 out of 5. This is based on 2 total products.

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A 4.4 out of 5 score means the Rebuilt Rainbow SE PN2 Vacuum Cleaner Loaded and 5 Year Warranty is certainly worth considering. There happen to be other areas where you can find more detailed information on this product. It's great to check out what others have to say about it, so you may perhaps like to look into Amazon's user reviews for this merchandise. This item has acquired a reasonably good rating, nonetheless it really is a good idea to find what other folks have to say about it. provides the greatest savings, so it's usually an excellent idea to shop from there when you need anything.
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