4.8 out of 5
20 Dec 2017
holife lshlhm036bwus usas6 v
4.8 out of 5
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The HoLife LSHLHM036BWUS-USAS6-V is quite a highly regarded handheld vacuum. Before you purchase a piece of merchandise, it's never a bad thought to read more. Here is some of the data that we've compiled that should be of use to you.


This product is an extremely popular choice for a handheld vacuum. Our data shows that it's more popular than many of vacuums in the same category within our database. If you look at the user opinions, you can get a good set of judgements on the product before buying.

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holife handheld cordless vacuum hand car cleaner vac portable vacuum 148v lithium with quick charge tech and cyclonic suction grey

eureka easyclean corded hand held vacuum 71c

blackdecker bdh1200pvav 12v pivot automotive vacuum corded

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4.8 out of 5
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  • LIGHT WEIGHT & PORTABLE -- It's 3.27 lbs and ergonomically designed which will help you escape from fatigue clean.
  • LONG BATTERY LIFE & QUICK RECHARGING ABILITY -- LIB battery can hold more energy per volume and confirmed to be Non-toxic, quicker recharge and no memory effect. With higher capacity, it can run constantly for 30mins which means you can clean your 150? room on a single charge.
  • POWERFUL & CYCLONIC SUCTION -- With 90W Motor, Multi-layer Filter, and Radial Cyclones, HoLife handheld vacuum cleaner's powerful suctioning feature has the ability to vacuum up more dust.
  • QUIETER SYSTEM -- Operation of a motor always has some noise; we made our system quieter while still able to keep its powerful suctioning capability on the Mechanical Damping Principles.
  • VERSATILITY & DRY WET AMPHIBIOUS -- It is cordless allowing you free movement from room to room. Equipped with various attachments to make it clean well in corners, in your home or your car. It can easily clean dust, crumbs, pet hair, as well as liquids.
  • 1 motor powers the revolving brush, second motor for suction
  • Lightweight at only 4.8 pounds for convenient cleaning
  • Strong suction with stretch hose cleans stairs, upholstery and even car interior
  • Onboard crevice tool and Riser Visor for carpeted stairs
  • 20 foot cord for extended cleaning; easily wraps for storage
  • Cleans vehicle dust, dirt and debris
  • Pivoting nose has 10 settings for maximum flexibility
  • 12V adapter fits into a Cigarette lighter Socket
  • Patented 'motor in the filter' Technology allows the Hand vac to be ultra compact
  • Cyclonic action spins dirt away from the filter maintaining optimum suction power
Color:GreyBlue VacuumBlack
Warranty:2 year limited warranty.
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You’re gonna to liberate yourself with this Holife Cordless Handheld Vacuum. Holife Hand Vac is lightweight and suction-powerful, it works great on PET HAIR and CORNER CLEANING, you will escape from tons of tiny cleaning in your house and your car. Cordless and Compact VacuumYou can carry it around... show full review

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The HoLife LSHLHM036BWUS-USAS6-V is probably more trendy than your typical handheld vacuum, and this is usually great since you are aware that it's likely to be a very good one. Checking out additional user's feedback is usually necessary, so it's usually a great idea to obtain a more well-known product. If the product you're buying is known for a large amount of product sales then it's also quite likely going to be worth buying.

The HoLife LSHLHM036BWUS-USAS6-V is very popular, and highly regarded amongst other buyers.
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