Koblenz Rug Shampooer and Floor Polisher, White/Black Review

4.3 out of 5
19 Mar 2020
Koblenz Rug Shampooer and Floor Polisher, White/Black
koblenz p 1800 rug shampooer and floor polisher 12 inch
4.3 out of 5
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Are you looking for a well known hard floor cleaner? The Koblenz P-1800 Rug Shampooer and Floor Polisher, 12-Inch may have the qualities that you need. This review will give an analysis on the price, score and popularity of this product, so that you can make the best decision before buying. We recommend also checking the user reviews, so that you can get a good idea about what other people think about the product.


This product is an extremely popular choice for a hard floor cleaner. Our data shows that it is more popular than many of hard floor cleaners in the same category within our database. By checking the user opinions, you can get a good set of judgements on the item before you purchase.

Comparison Table

koblenz p 1800 rug shampooer and floor polisher 12 inch

dirt devil easy steam handheld steamer pd20005

hoover twintank handheld steam cleaner wh20100

Editor Rating:
4.3 out of 5
4.6 out of 5
4.8 out of 5
  • Cleaning Machine scrubs carpets and polishes hard floors
  • 12-Inch cleaning path with twin brushes that rotate in opposite directions for easy handling
  • Powerful 4.2 amp motor
  • Includes two sets of scrubbing brushes and two pair of polishing pads
  • Powerful, safe high pressure cuts through any mess needing to be cleaned
  • Easy to use and light weight
  • Jet tip extension
  • Steam Pad and squeegee attachments
  • Includes: wire grill brush, fabric tool, window squeegee, flexible hose and fill cup
  • Disinfects and Kills 99.9% of Harmful Bacteria
  • Two-tank system lets you clean with steam alone or with Hoover Multi-Purpose Disinfectant solution
  • Disinfects and cleans multiple above the floor areas of your home
  • Portable and easy to use with a host of tools for all your cleaning needs.
  • Clean every area of your home
Brand:KoblenzDirt DevilHoover
Release Date:2011-04-01
Sales Rank:
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Warranty:1-Year Limited Warranty2 year limited warranty


Our data shows that Koblenz has made quite a few hard floor cleaners. The average rating that we have for this brand is 4.3 out of 5. This is based on 5 total cleaners. If you're looking for other items by this brand, then you should consider the "Koblenz P-820 Shampooer / Polisher with Tank" or the "Koblenz P-2600 Commercial Floor and Carpet Shampoo/Polisher.".

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A 4.3 out of 5 score means the Koblenz P-1800 Rug Shampooer and Floor Polisher, 12-Inch is certainly worth taking a look at. There are other areas where you could search for more detailed facts for this product. The user opinions at are without a doubt worthy of taking a look at. Even though this item has been given a fairly high ranking, it is usually advisable to see what some other owners are saying about it. If you'd like the very best bargains on selling prices and shipping and delivery rates then stands out as the location to look.
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