bObsweep bObi Pet Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, Silver Review

5 out of 5
19 Mar 2020
bObsweep bObi Pet Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, Silver
bobi pet robotic vacuum cleaner silver
5 out of 5
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If you're searching for a highly rated robotic vacuum, the bObi Pet Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, Silver is absolutely worth looking into. We've done a review on this product to assist you in determining if it's worth purchasing. Take a look at the data below, and also be sure to check out the customer opinions too, as these reviews can be the best way to determine if this product is right for you.


This item is quite a popular choice for a robotic vacuum. The data that we have shows that it's more popular than most of robotic vacuums in the same category that we've got in our database. By looking at the user reviews, you can get a good set of judgements on the product before buying.

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bobi pet robotic vacuum cleaner silver

neato botvac d3 connected navigating robot vacuum everyday cleaning

ilife v7s robot vacuum cleaner mop and dry clean household cleaning with stronger power for all kinds of floor cleaning

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5 out of 5
4.8 out of 5
3.8 out of 5
  • Specially designed for cleaning up your pet's hair and paw prints
  • Simultaneously sweeps, vacuums, mops, UV sterilizes, and HEPA filtrates
  • Washable, fully submergible dustbin
  • bObsweep's signature 'TouchMe' texture
  • Includes bObi blOck digital barrier
  • Easy to operate.  use the Neato App to start, schedule, and Receive notifications. Or, just press the button on the robot and go
  • Precise laser smart navigation & spin flow power clean. Scans, Maps, and methodically cleans your floors
  • D-Shape design and corner clever. Cleans where dirt hides - close to walls and deep into corners
  • Super suction on all floor types. Wood, tile, laminate and carpet - keeps your floors free of dirt, dust, pet hair and more
  • Long lasting lithium-ion battery. Automatically charges and resumes so it's always ready to automatically clean on a schedule or at the push of a button
    Brand:bObsweepNeato RoboticsILIFE
    Release Date:2016-11-01
    Sales Rank:
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    Color:SilvergreyRose Gold
    Warranty:2 years

    User Reviews

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    Cheer up your pets with this gifted robotic vacuum that is specially designed for taking care of fur-filled homes. When your dogs and cats are too spent from running around all day to clean up after themselves, bObi Pet springs to life with her back-to-back brushes and powerful vacuum to sweep away... show full review


    The data that we've collected shows that bObsweep has manufactured quite a few robotic vacuums. The average rating that we've got for this brand is 4.5 out of 5. This is based upon 8 total vacuums. bObsweep ranks number 4 out of 50 in the list of highest rated brands. bObsweep have made several other popular robotic vacuums, like these:

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    This is absolutely a product that may be worthy of looking at. We advocate considering the customer opinions to get a more detailed evaluation of the positives and negatives for this item. If you're looking for the cheapest offer available, then we would encourage looking at Amazon.
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