iRobot Scooba 390 Floor Scrubbing Robot Review

3.9 out of 5
24 Dec 2017
iRobot Scooba 390 Floor Scrubbing Robot
irobot scooba 390 floor scrubbing robot
3.9 out of 5
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When searching for a new robotic vacuum, it's important to do some research and purchase one that is worth the price and well known. Our analysis of the iRobot Scooba 390 Floor Scrubbing Robot should give you a decent idea of whether or not it's the best robotic vacuum for you. The customer reviews are also always worth taking a look at, so that you can see what users have to say about this product.


This product is one of the most popular robotic vacuums. The data that we have shows that it's more popular than the majority of robotic vacuums in the same category that we have in our database. If you check out the user reviews, you can get a good set of judgements on this product before you buy.

Comparison Table

irobot scooba 390 floor scrubbing robot

irobot roomba 870 vacuum cleaning robot

bobsweep standard robotic vacuum cleaner and mop champagne

Editor Rating:
3.9 out of 5
4.3 out of 5
3.9 out of 5
  • 4-Stage Cleaning Process
  • Scooba 390 keeps cleaning solution in a separate tank so that only clean solution is placed on the floor
  • Extensive Coverage - Scooba 390 has a wide cleaning head ideal for kitchens and other large areas up to 450 sq ft
  • Easy to Use- Let the robot do the work
  • All parts that need to be cleaned or maintained are now colored grey and orange
  • iAdapt Navigation uses a full suite of sensors to navigate and adapt to your changing home
  • AeroForce 3-Stage Cleaning System delivers up to 50% more cleaning performance
  • Tangle-free extractors help prevent hair and debris clogs
  • AeroForce High-Efficiency Filter traps fine dirt and dust
  • Conveniently schedule up to 7x per week, or just press CLEAN on the robot
  • Simultaneously sweeps, vacuums, mops, and UV sterilizes
  • 1 liter dustbin is the largest in the industry
  • Three-layer HEPA filtration removes harmful allergens from the air
  • Personalized cleaning schedule and automatic self-charging
  • Adjusts to all types of floors including hardwood, tile and carpet
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Lower means more popular
Size:Circle D 13.8
Warranty:1 Year Limited Warranty6 month limited warranty (Battery) 12 month Limited Warranty (Robot)1 year full warranty/5 year subsidized
Release Date:2012-05-01

User Reviews

You can view the more detailed list of user reviews by clicking here. Here's some small snippets taken from an editorial review for this product:

iRobot Scooba 390 Now with a simplified design and longer battery life, iRobot's award-winning floor scrubbing robot removes up to 98% of common household bacteria so floors get reliably clean with the touch of a button. The Scooba 390 cleans up to 450 square ft on a single battery tank. It uses... show full review


Our data shows that iRobot has produced quite a few robotic vacuums. The average score that we've got for this brand is 4.5 out of 5. That's based on 32 total products. iRobot is ranked number 13 out of 33 in the list of best reviewed brands. iRobot have several other best selling robotic vacuums, such as the "AeroVac Series 2 Bin For Roomba 700 Series Item: 21911" or the "iRobot Advanced Power System Ni-MH Battery".

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With a 3.9 out of 5 score, the iRobot Scooba 390 Floor Scrubbing Robot is surely worth taking a look at. Would you like additional information for this item? You should see the customer reviews and see what they say about it. This item has obtained a reasonably good score, however it is usually recommended that you look at what other people have to say about it. Amazon gives the very best specials, therefore it is usually an outstanding plan to purchase from there if you need anything.
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